Kimeko Farrar

"Beautiful Conscious Love: The Poetry of Kimeko Farrar"

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Stephanie Strong

"When Tulips Bloom: A Personal Guide For Blossoming Through The Difficult Seasons of Life"

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Marc Lacy

"Curse of the Whiskey House"

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Adyre Mason

"Fightisms: Using the Past to Win

Your Future

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Number of Tickets

John Moore, Jahni The Artist

Paintings, Drawings, and Murals available to add to your personal collection.

Terri Butchee

"Mom, who are you?"

From Abandonment to Peace


Micah "ML6" Logan

"Just For A Season: I Had Cancer

But It Didn't Have Me"

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Arthurine Shackleford

"Sing Unto The Lord"

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DeJuan Cuffee

"Words For The Soul: The Cure for Poetry, Hip-Hop and Spoken Word,

Vol 1

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